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Research on Lesson Study emphasizes its positive impacts on teacher professional development globally. However, in Santarém-PA, limited exposure to this Japanese methodology persists despite a significant teacher and student population. This paper contributes to promoting Lesson Study by exploring perspectives from researchers, TEFL students, and mentor teachers in Northern Brazil. Data collection involved a literature review and semi-structured interviews, with applied thematic analysis used for data interpretation. The results reveal a complex view of Lesson Study in Santarém-PA with both challenges and benefits. While participants showed understanding of the methodology, considering the complexities of the Brazilian education system, its implementation in this municipality and elsewhere in the country requires careful consideration. The supportive researcher-participant relationship and improved teaching practices suggest potential for further exploring it. However, successful implementation depends on substantial investments in preparing teachers for Lesson Study cycles to maximize its formative potential in the Brazilian educational landscape.

Mauro Marinho da Silva, Nilton Varela Hitotuzi, Raimundo Nonato Colares Camargo Júnior, Ivanita Bentes Sousa, Maria Edinelma Maciel da Silva Ferreira, Vanessa Pires Santos Maduro, Márcio Luiz Repolho Picanço, Welligton Conceição da Silva, Daniel Clarismundo Borges, Leonice Maria Bentes Nina

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