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The diatopic variants of lexical level present in Brazilian Portuguese are present throughout the territory. Thus, the occurrences of common variants in southern Brazil were analyzed in the short stories Trezentas onças and Melancia - Coco verde from the work Contos gauchescos (1976), by João Simões Lopes Neto, in the light of variationist sociolinguistics and dialectology. The objective is to appreciate how the lexical items cusco, zaino, chiru and ilhéu converge in this type of linguistic variation in comparison with Brazilian Portuguese standard. After reviewing the bibliography on variationist sociolinguistics and dialectology, the most categorical passages were selected in which the four words appear to weave more in-depth reflections, performing the qualitative character of this research. As a result, we verify the way in which the southern literary language illustrated the dialect in this textual production.

Dayse Rodrigues dos Santos 

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